2016 Jazz Trumpet Festival Brazil

The fourth Jazz Trumpet Festival (Brazil) took place in October 2016. International guest artists this year included Jon Faddis (USA), Bobby Shew (USA), Adam Rapa (USA), and Teus Nobel (the Netherlands).

Other artists included Aquiles Moraes, Jessé Sadoc (Conn-Selmer artist), Daniel D’Alcântara (Adams artist), Sidmar Vieira (Adams artist), and twelve more Brazilian artists. More than 260 trumpeters attended the event hosted by the Santa Marcelina College. Yamaha, Warburton, Adams, Ar Resonance, Conn-Selmer, and other exhibitors were part of the festivities.

On Monday, October 24, Yamaha maintenance technician Luciano Alves gave a morning workshop about how to keep your trumpet in good condition. In the afternoon, Aquiles Moraes gave a masterclass on the Brazilian choro style. The finals of the Gilberto Siqueira Prize, the first orchestral trumpet excerpt competition hosted in Brazil, took place after the masterclass. That evening, Aquiles Moraes played with Regional Imperial, a choro group from São Paulo. After that, the Jessé Sadoc Quintet performed music from his new album.

On Tuesday, October 25, Paulo Viveiro led an early-morning warm-up session. Bobby Shew gave a masterclass about warming up and buzzing. In the afternoon, Jessé Sadoc gave a masterclass entitled “The Trumpet: Music and Life.” Following Sadoc, Raphael Sampaio led a jam session about Brazilian music styles. That evening Bobby Shew and the Retete Big Band performed a concert with Walmir Gil as the special guest. 

On Wednesday, October 26, Wagner Felix led an early morning warm up session, followed by a workshop on lead trumpet playing given by Junior Galante, Altair Martins, Paulo Jordão, and Nahor Gomes. That afternoon, Bobby Shew offered a masterclass about his approach to the trumpet. Dr. Carlos Sulpicio taught “How to Practice the Arban Book.” Following Shew, Dr. Maico Lopes gave a masterclass entitled “How to Practice  Fundamental in Group.” That evening Adam Rapa and Banda Urbana performed a concert with Altair Martins as the special guest.


On Thursday, October 27, Paulo Viveiro led an early-morning warm-up session. Jon Faddis presented a workshop entitled A Brief History of the Trumpet in Jazz. In the afternoon, Azeitona gave a workshop about studio musician life. Following him, Adam Rapa presented his masterclass "Playing the Trumpet Is Easy if You Use the Physics." That evening, Jon Faddis and Speakin' Jazz Big Band performed a concert with Adam Rapa as the special guest.

Friday, October 28, Bruno Soares led an early morning warm up session. Thus Nobel taught about basic fundamentals and improvisation. In the afternoon, Jon Faddis coached the participants through a couple big band charts. Following Faddis, Adam Rapa presented the second part of his masterclass “Playing the trumpet is easy if you the physics.” Ederlei Lirussi presented a lesson about trumpet embouchure and how to choose your mouthpiece. The closing concert included Teus Nobel, Daniel D’Alcântara, Sidmar Vieira and the Soundscape Big Band.


Founded in 2013, the Jazz Trumpet Festival Brazil is focused on jazz and commercial music. The JTF is organized in São Paulo, Brazil by the São Paulo Trumpet Guild, an ITG chapter. The organizers  are Octávio Nestares, Bruno Garcia Fermiano, Felippe Freire and Marcos Braga. 

Source: Bruno Garcia, Jazz Trumpet Festival Brazil, São Paulo, BRAZIL

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