Non-Pro Player Committee

The Non-Pro Player Committee represents the interests of trumpet players who do not derive the major portion of their income from performing or teaching trumpet. The Non-Pro Player contingent begins with players who are starting over again (the Comeback Player) and runs the gamut from there through the highly competent professional player.
The goal of the Committee is to develop specific activities, events, and publications that address the specific interests and needs of the Non-Pro Player.
To this end, the committee has organized and regularly presents the following events that have become a regular part of the annual ITG Conference:
•          Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic
•          Non-Pro/Comeback Player Master Class
•          Non-Pro/Comeback Player Warmup Session
•          Non-Pro/Comeback Player Trumpet Ensemble
•          Non-Pro/Comeback Player Meet and Greet Reception
The efforts of the committee have extended to the ITG Web Site where there is now a section dedicated specifically to the Non-Pro Player. This section will continue to grow as the committee adds Non-Pro Player Clinic presentations along with original articles written specifically for the Non-Pro Player.
The committee is also active in developing Non-Pro Player articles for publication in the ITG Journal.
The Non-Pro Player Committee is here to serve you. We would first like to thank those who have previously served on the committee and have made much of this possible. Secondly, we hope that you will let us know what we can do to better serve you.

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Dan Hallock, Chair (USA, founding committee member 2005)
[email protected]  

Sarah Stoneback
Sarah Stoneback, Board of Directors Liaison (USA, appointed August 2023)

Tim Hering (USA, appointed August 2018)

Thomas Zoubek (USA, appointed August 2012)

Daryl Yaeger (Canada, appointed 2012)

John Hackett (United Kingdom, appointed September 2014)

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