Affiliate Chapters

Welcome to the ITG Affiliate Chapter page. Our 40+ active ITG affiliates represent individual schools, states, geographic regions, and entire countries. In addition to furthering the ITG mission, each affiliate serves professional and amateur trumpeters through various musical and educational activities. 



    • October 2018: Ark-La-Miss Trumpet Guild
    • September 2018: Oklahoma City University Trumpet Guild
    • August 2018: Bay State Trumpet Guild (Massachusetts)
    • June 2018: Southern Alberta Trumpet Guild & Ball State Trumpet Guild
    • May 2018: Texas A&M University-Commerce Trumpet Guild
    • Apr 2018: Oklahoma State University Trumpet Guild
    • Jan 2018: Georgia Trumpet Guild
  • HELP NEEDED in the SISTER CHAPTERS INITIATIVE: Join us in our efforts to form international relationships between chapters for sharing, encouragement, and sponsorship. Contact [email protected]
  • HELP NEEDED in the GLOBAL CHAPTERS INITIATIVE: Join us in our efforts to form affiliate chapters in every state and country worldwide! Contact [email protected]
  • AUSTRALIAN Trumpet Guild: Check out what's going on with our ITG affiliate chapter "down under!"
  • 2018 AFFILIATE CHAPTERS RECITAL - ITG Conference: Trumpet ensembles from seven affiliate chapters performed on our recital which featured three new arrangements and two World Premieres: Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Lone Star State, Louisiana State University, and Texas A&M University - Kingsville. 
  • 3-5 May 2018: The 4th annual South Texas Trumpet Workshop was hosted by TAMU-Kingsville Trumpet Guild featuring guest artist Vince DiMartino in masterclasses, rehearsals, and performances trumpeters of all ages.


  • 29 Apr 2018:  Italian trumpeter Andrea  Giuffredi was hosted by Henderson State University Trumpet Guild for lectures, clinic, and performances.
  • 15 Apr 2018: Trumpet Day, hosted by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Trumpet Guild, was attended by 40 trumpeters, from 6th graders to adult and featured Michael Sachs in clinics, and a recital. 


  • 15 Apr 2018: 2nd Annual Indiana Trumpet Conference, hosted by the Indiana Trumpet Guild at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana, featured Rex Richardson with the Indiana Wind Symphony plus masterclasses, exhibits, and performances by artists. 
  • 8-12 Apr 2018: University of New Mexico Trumpet Week, hosted by the UNM Trumpet Guild, featured ITG President, Cathy Leach and the ever-popular Doc Severinson. 


  • 24 March 2018: Ohio ITG Conference was held at Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio, hosted by Daniel King and David Eaton of the Ohio Trumpet Guild.


  • 23-24 February: 11th Annual International Trumpet Festival was held at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, hosted by J.C. Dobrzelewski and featuring performances by Tromba Mundi, the Atlantic Brass Band, and the West Chester University Criterions Jazz Ensemble. 




  • COMMITTEE: Lisa Blackmore, André Bonnici, Cynthia Carrell, Seretta Hart
    • CONTACT: Dr. Cynthia Thompson Carrell, Harding University - Department of Music, [email protected]
  • AFFILIATE CHAPTERS COMMITTEE has several ongoing functions: 
    • recruiting and forming new chapters,  
    • promoting and reporting affiliate chapter events, 
    • maintaining the Affiliate Chapters page on the ITG website,
    • maintaining records of affiliate chapters, 
    • processing grants applications
    • annually verifying chapters membership status, and 
    • organizing the Affiliate Chapters Showcase recital for the annual conference.
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