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Welcome to the ITG Affiliate Chapter page. Our 60+ active ITG affiliates represent individual schools, states, geographic regions, and entire countries. In addition to furthering the ITG mission, each affiliate serves professional and amateur trumpeters through various musical and educational activities. Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at ITG_Affiliates. Use our hashtag: #ITGAffiliates.



  • WELCOME to new 2021 Affiliate Chapter: The Canadian Trumpet Guild!
  • WELCOME to new Affiliate Chapters Committee member: Julia Bell!
  • ENJOY the December 2020 newsletter of the AUSTRALIA Trumpet Guild's: Mouthpiece Vol. 22 Issue 4 pdf
  • 17 April: CHAPTER LIVE & ONLINE EVENT: Bay State Trumpet Guild hosts New England Trumpet Workshop - see right column for info.

  • CHAPTER ONLINE EVENT: A-State Trumpet Guild Lecture-Series - Spring 2021. See the "A-State Trumpet Studio" page on Facebook for information on how to join in on this FREE masterclass or contact Nairam Simoes: [email protected]     


  • 1 March 2020: The Bay State Trumpet Guild hosted the New England Trumpet Workshop at Bridgewater State University. Guest artists included Marie Speziale, Ashley Hall, and the New England Brass Band under the direction of Stephen Bulla. 



  • CONTACT: [email protected]
  • MEMBERS: Julia Bell, Lisa Blackmore,  André Bonnici, Cindy Carrell, and Seretta Hart 



  • Global Chapters Initiative, Sister Chapters Initiative,
  • Sponsor-A-Trumpeter 
  • Recruiting, forming, promoting, reporting, assisting Affiliate Chapters,  
  • Processing Affiliate Chapter Activity Grants applications,
  • Producing the Affiliate Chapters Showcase recital at the ITG annual conference.
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