2017 Indiana ITG Conference

One hundred participants attended the spring 2017 ITG Conference at the University of Indianapolis (UIndy) on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

The day began with the UIndy Trumpet Ensemble playing Jennifer Fletcher’s Fanfare of the Bells. Professor Larry Powell delivered opening remarks and segued into the first master class by Ronald Romm from the University of Illinois. Professor Romm lead the group in physical and mental exercises designed to maximum performance and minimize stress. Following a performance by the Indiana State University Trumpet Ensemble, Aaron Romm presented a master class in which he discussed stage presence, body position, and the importance of being in the right frame of mind.

Following lunch, Conrad Jones (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) took conference attendees through exercises and routines that are designed to help with tone production, clarity, articulation, endurance, and quality of sound. He illustrated the importance of using every minute of every practice session efficiently, and emphasized the need to practice each piece or exercise as though it was a performance.

The next presenter was Scott Belck from the University of Cincinnati. His lecture continued this theme by delving into the importance of understanding the purpose of practicing and repetition. Dr. Belck showed that with each repetition, there should be an increase in efficiency in moving from one note to the next, regardless of register.
The Indiana Spring ITG Conference at the University of Indianapolis ended with a performance by the Romm Family Trio, including Avid Romm on piano as well as Ronald and Aaron Romm on trumpets.

Throughout the day, exhibitors displayed instruments from Eastman, Shires and Yamaha, along with mouthpieces from Hammond Design.

Source: David K. Wolfe (Instructor, Department of Biology, University of Indianapolis)

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