1975-January 2015 Complete Index of ITG Journals with thousands of entries of articles by author and subject, as well as music/book/record reviews and supplements from past journals. 1.1 MB.
Online Journal Supplements
English Translation of Charlier's 36 Transcendent Studies for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugel Horn in Bb. Translation by Dr. Michel LaPlace. (ITG Newsletter, May 1979) 108 KB
Keith C. Clark: Errata and Suggestions for '36 Transcendental Etudes by Thèo Charlier.'  (ITG Newsletter, October 1981) 1.3 MB
Hosticka, Frank and Nussbaum, Jeffrey: An Examination of Max Scholossberg's 'Daily Drills and Technical Studies for Trumpet' and the Existing Schlossberg Manuscripts (ITG, Journal, June 2009) 1.3 MB
Keller, F.J. (arr. Elisa Koehler): Fantasia on 'Safe in the Arms of Jesus' for Cornet in B-flat and Piano. (ITG Journal, June 2009) 2.8 MB
Bowman, Joseph, ed.: Historical Trumpet Discography. (ITG Journal, October 2009) 616 KB
Gilbert, Jay W.: Elegy for two trumpets in C or B-flat. (ITG Journal, March 2010) 463 KB
Romm, Ronald: Musical examples for column "In Short." (ITG Journal, June 2010) 156 KB
Treybig, Joel. Appendices A and B for Bach Obbligatos article. (ITG Journal, March 2011) 1.1 MB
Morales, Eric. Within Sacred Walls for six B-flat trumpets. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, June 2011) 2.0 MB
Stravinsky, Igor. Fanfare for three trumpets in C or B-flat. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, October 2011) 127 KB
Vicente, José Guerra. Concerto para Trompete e Orquestra (trumpet part only). (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, January 2012) 1.8 M
Bernofsky, Lauren. Fanfasia for Solo Trumpet. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, March 2012) 2.1 MB
Laplace, Michel. Maurice André, Trumpet Master of the XXth Century* (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, June 2012) 1.2 MB
*Cliquez ici pour obtenir l'article en français.
Byrd, Richard. Great American Fanfare. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, January 2013)
Bach, J.S., (arr. Brian Neal and David Brubeck. Badinerie. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, March 2014)
Hirt, Andrias. Addendum to "The Devolution of the Shepherd Trumpet and Its Seminal Importance in Music History. (Special supplement to the ITG Journal, January 2015)

ITG Journal DVD
Published in 2013, this DVD-ROM contains all articles, columns, reviews, and other materials published in all ITG Journals (ISSN: 0363-2845) published between October 1976 and June 2012; all ITG Newsletters (ISSN: 0363-2857) published between October 1976 and May 1982; and two early organizational newsletters. The disk is fully searchable for phrases and key words. Click here for full information.

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