Creede Repertory Theatre

2014 CRT Orchestra Musician Auditions

The CRT Orchestra has an opening for: Lead Trumpet/Jazz Soloist

The Creede Repertory Theatre is currently accepting applications to fill open musician positions for the 2014 summer season (May 20-August 24, 2014). If you desire the opportunity to do your craft in a close knit fun professional environment, gain experience performing for thousands of people throughout the summer, enjoy the cool weather and unique beauty of the west, and experience music outside of the classroom then you are exactly the kind of person we invite to be a member of our entourage.

The CRT Orchestra is a five piece ensemble consisting of young musicians from leading music schools throughout the nation. During the summer, this group serves as the ensemble-in-residence at the Creede Repertory Theatre performing in all productions requiring music; this includes mainstage shows, second stage productions, donor events, cabarets, special guest concerts, and educational shows.  In addition, the group will perform a wide variety of standalone concerts that feature the band outside of the theatre in the surrounding area.  All artists will receive a salary and housing for services rendered during the summer season.


All applicants must provide a link via youtube to an audition video.  Editing of the audition presentation is acceptable (text, scene changes, etc.), however ANY edits to actual audition materials of any sort or misrepresentation of skill will result in immediate rejection of the entire audition.  Please carefully review the requirements. In addition to demonstrating abilities to perform/entertain, be sure to include in your audition materials the specific requirements outlined below that apply to your area of interest. All audition materials (resume and video links) should be sent electronically to: [email protected]

Performance Overview:

All applicants must possess or have potential to quickly develop strong performance skills.  Creede Repertory Theatre looks for exceptional performers who possess an engaging and outgoing personality, a strong sense of humor & an exuberant sense of play within artistic situations. A performer needs to be a disciplined and enthusiastic team player who works well within a large company, willing to selflessly give and take to better the project. Active on stage audience engagement involves the ability to be comfortable memorizing music.  A performer needs to display technical proficiency, strong onstage kinesthetic awareness, and a freedom to express emotion through their instrument. Above all, a performer with the CRT Orchestra needs to be good-natured, have a passionate spirit for the art and the willingness to go the extra mile.

Audition Requirements:

A prospective band member must exhibit a high degree of musical skill. Please include in your video audition the required materials below demonstrating not only contrasting styles but also your musical ability and technical facility. Those applicants demonstrating proficiency in expressing musical ideas through their instrument will be given special consideration. All audition materials (resume and video links) should be sent electronically to: [email protected]


The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of both classical and jazz styles and have the skill to change styles quickly. The trumpet player should feel comfortable playing lead and covering any improvised solo.  Extreme consistency coupled with an ability to play at a high level while executing expressive musical ideas is essential.

Audition Requirements for Trumpet:

• Three jazz standards that include at least two choruses of improvisation per tune.

• Optional: One more additional piece of your choosing that best represents your personality and uniqueness

Audition Requirements Checklist

In addition to the specific requirements outlined above, please be certain the following is included when you submit your audition materials.

•A one-two page performance resume in PDF. Please make sure to include the following:

o Full Name

o Current Mailing Address

o Phone

o Email

o Primary Instrument

o Instrument Doubles

o School

o Degrees

o Performance Experience

o References

• References:  Please submit the name, phone number and email address of three professional musicians that can speak on your behalf regarding your qualifications for the position.

• An audition video that includes:

o An intro of self and short statement (on video) as to why you want to be a part of our ensemble

o Audition Requirements

• All audition materials (resume and video links) should be sent electronically to: [email protected]

The Creede Repertory Theatre is a professional company located in southwest Colorado high in the Rocky Mountains.  The Denver Post has named CRT as “among the top five theatres in the state”, USA Today has called CRT “one of the top ten theatres to see the lights off Broadway”, and the National Theatre Conference gave CRT the award for outstanding achievement in 2007.  When you are a part of the CRT company, you have the opportunity to work with other professionals from across the country.  Founded in 1966 to revitalize the economy of a struggling silver mining town, CRT is a professional, repertory theatre company that provides visitors from across the country with high quality entertainment, cultural enrichment, and a broad arts service.

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