Oklahoma City Girl Scout recruits high school trumpeters to play Taps at military funerals

When Katie Prior discovered that at many veterans’ funerals a tape recording of Taps is played instead of a live performance, she decided a change was needed so veterans could get the distinguished tribute they deserve.

She recruited her fellow trumpet players in her homeschool band, local high schools, the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras, and even in Texas to use their gifts to serve others. Prior is addressing the shortage of military buglers as her leadership project for the Gold Award, the highest recognition for achievement that a Girl Scout can receive. Working with Dignity Memorial and Sunny Lane Funeral Home in Del City, Prior set up training and a program that connects local funeral directors with high school trumpet players that took place on September 26, 2014.

As a ninth grader, Prior uses her strengths, talents, and skills to put her plan into action to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. Her Girl Scout experience has helped prepare her for this project. She has learned about taking action to solve problems in the community through Girl Scout Journeys and learned about managing complex projects by completing a Certified Scrum Master certification.

To learn more about the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps visit www.TrumpetAndTaps.org. To learn more about Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma and the Gold Award
Links: www.gswestok.org.

Source: Katie Prior, founder of Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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