The International Trumpet-Making Workshop

The International Trumpet Making workshop continued its annual program during the summer of 2023 with three international workshops.

These workshops were held on June 19-23 in Rostock, Germany, June 25-29 in Linton, UK, and on July 31- August 4 in Bloomington, IN. The year 2023 saw the completion of another 36 trumpets, bringing the total since its founding to 868. The ITW introduces the craft of making trumpets as it was practiced in the 17th century.


Guided by teachers Richard Seriphinoff, Michael Münkwitz, and Bob Barclay, the participants were guided through a week-long intensive workshop, where they learned to create a playable musical instrument only from a sheet of metal and only using hand tools. The conference concluded with the trumpet makers playing their new instruments on music written specifically for the workshop. The ITW has been offered annually since 1994 and has previously taken place in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Scotland, England, and the US. (Source: Bob Barclay)

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