Important Updates on 2021 ITG Competitions

Since this year's ITG Conference will be "virtual," some adjustments to the ITG Conference competitions will need to be made. We would like to be clear that all seven divisions of the ITG Ryan Anthony Memorial Competition (formerly called the ITG Conference Competitions) WILL continue in the virtual conference format.  The following announcements should clarify how this will all work:
Preliminary Round
All preliminary round rules in the ITG competitions rules document shall remain the same, with one exception:  Piano accompaniment shall be optional in all preliminary round ITG competitions for any 2021 division which otherwise would use piano. This is out of respect for the difficulty some students will have in collaborating with a pianist during the international pandemic.
Final Round
(1) The virtual conference will contain a final round of performance.
(2) Students who are advanced to the final round of performance are encouraged to pursue high-quality video and audio recording capabilities.
(3) Students who are advanced to the final round are encouraged to confirm or secure a location with reliable high-speed internet.
(4) While this requirement is waived in the Preliminary division, Competitors in the Solo division will be expected to have some form of piano accompaniment in the Final Round. The three finalists chosen for this division will need to make arrangements between February and May to coordinate this with a high-quality pianist.
Scholarship Competition
All levels of the scholarship competition will continue, including cash prizes and conference registration fee waivers for all levels of competition.
Questions about specific divisions should be addressed to the division chair:

Orchestral Excerpts Division.  Email: [email protected]

Solo Performance Division.  Email: [email protected]

Jazz Improvisation Division.  Email: [email protected]

Wind Band Excerpts Division: Email: [email protected]

Conference Scholarships for Students. Email: [email protected]

Youth Competitions. Email: [email protected]

(Source: Jason Dovel, ITG Competitions Chair)

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