Brazil's Jazz Trumpet Festival 2019

The Jazz Trumpet Festival (JTF) is an event focused on jazz and commercial music. Founded in 2013, the JTF is organized in São Paulo, Brazil by the ITG Chapter - São Paulo Trumpet Guild. Its organizers are Otavio Nestares, Bruno Garcia Fermiano, Felippe Freire, and Marcos Braga.

The 7th edition of the JTF was held at Faculdade Santa Marcelina in Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 21-24, 2019. The guest artists included James Morrison, The Romm Trio (Warburton), Vince Dimartino (Pickett/Blackburn), Georgina Jackson, Altair Martins and Fabinho Costa. Over 260 trumpet players from South America attended the event The festival began on Monday, January 21, 2019, with a workshop “Musician Health” by Dr. Joao Rizzo. In the afternoon, Fabinho Costa taught a class about frevo, a music style from Northeast of Brazil. This was followed by Marcelo Costa´s master class, "Tongue Level Control." Every afternoon JTF hosted a "Help Center for Range, Sound, Flexibility and Jazz Improvisation." That opening concert featured Fabinho Costa & Ensemble.

James Morrison

On Tuesday, October 22, Eduardo Madeira led an early-morning warm-up session. Vincent DiMartino presented a master class about trumpet fundamentals. In the afternoon, Dr. Jorge Scheffer taught a master class “Chamber Music Practicing without “mysteries”. In another classroom, João Lenhari coached a class about range, Roger Brito led a flexibility class, and Georgina Jackson presented the class “The Female Trumpet Player in the 21 century.” That evening, The Romm Trio performed a wonderful recital followed by Altair Martins & JTF Big Band´s concert.

In the third day, October 23, Fabio Simao led an early-morning warm-up session. After that, Ronald Romm and Aaron Romm gave a workshop about trumpet fundamentals. In the afternoon, Dr. Maico Lopes presented a masterclass about Sight Reading. Following Lopes, Altair Martins gave a trumpet masterc lass. In another classroom, professor Wellington dos Santos coached the Prelude Trumpet Ensemble´s rehearsal and Aaron Romm taught a class about sound production. In addition, Wili Fonseca led a class about range, Jorge Scheffer coached a flexibility class, and Fabinho Costa taught an improvisation class. That evening, one of the trumpet ensembles coached by Wellington dos Santos and formed by participants played in the Prelude with participation of Vince DiMartino. The evening's major concert featured Vince Dimartino and Georgina Jackson with the Freedom Big Band.

Vince DiMartino

On Thursday, October 24, Pedro Santos led an early-morning warm-up session. James Morrison presented a trumpet class and answered a lot of questions. In the afternoon, Georgina Jackson presented the “Lead Trumpet” master class. Following her, Erico Fonseca gave a master class about trumpet fundamentals. In another classroom, professor Anderson Bicudo conducted a Prelude Trumpet Ensemble reeharsal. Amarildo Nascimento led a cound class, and Altair Martins taught a class about Range, and Marcelo Rocha gave a Jazz Improvisation lesson and Vince DiMartino taught a flexibility class. That evening, Anderson Bicudo conducted a trumpet ensemble performing in the Prelude. James Morrison performed the main concert with Speakin´Jazz Big Band.

Participants had the opportunity to visit exhibitors, including Picket Brass/Blackburn, Torelli and SG Instruments, Warburton Music Products, Conn-Selmer, Schagerl, Adams Instruments, Engelman Mouthpieces, Temppus Case, Grilo Musical, Padovani Music, Ellegance Mouthpieces, Adalto Brass and others.

(Source: Bruno Garcia)

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