Sao Paulo Trumpet Academy

The Sao Paulo Trumpet Academy (SPTA) is a trumpet camp focused on jazz and classical music that aims to promote the exchange between American university professors and Brazilian trumpet students. Founded in 2017, the SPTA is organized in São Paulo, Brazil by the ITG Chapter São Paulo Trumpet Guild. The SPTA organizers are Otávio Nestares, Bruno Garcia Fermiano, Felippe Freire, and Marcos Braga.

The third edition was held at Faculdade UniSant´Anna in Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 14–17, 2019. The guest artists included Adam Rapa (international soloist), Jason Dovel (University of Kentucky), Joseph Van Fleet (Eastern Kentucky University) and Mark DeGoti (Auburn University).

SPTA Faculty and Organizers: (L-to-R) Freire, Nestares, DeGoti, Van Fleet, Dovel, Rapa, Garcia

The event began on Monday, January 14, with Dr. DeGoti leading a warm-up session and clinic, “How to Practice More Effectively in Less Time.” In the afternoon, Adam Rapa taught the master class, “How to Play Efficiently.” That afternoon, Joe Van Fleet led a repertoire class. This was followed by an improvisation class led by Marcos Braga. At the end of the day, Jason Dovel and Mark DeGoti led students in trumpet ensemble rehearsals.

Mark DeGoti coaches a student participant, with translator and SPTA organizer Otávio Nestares

On Tuesday, January 15, Van Fleet led a warm-up session and presented the session, “How to Be a Better Teacher.” In the afternoon, Adam Rapa continued to teach his approach to trumpet playing.  DeGoti taught the afternoon repertoire class.

 The final round of the Sao Paulo Academy Trumpet Competition was also held on Tuesday. Lucas do Espírito Santo won the Intermediate Level Trumpet Competition and Wellington de Sousa won the Advanced Level Trumpet Competition.

On Wednesday, Jan. 16, Otavio Nestares led a warm-up session and presented the master class, “Big Band Trumpet Fundamentals.” That morning, SPTA organizer Bruno Garcia taught a session to beginner students. In the afternoon, Adam Rapa presented the third part of his master class about his approach to trumpet playing. Also on Wednesday, Jason Dovel presented a Baroque Trumpet master class and Mark DeGoti taught a session to the beginner students. This was followed by a jazz improvisation class led by Marcos Braga. On Wednesday evening, Adam Rapa performed a featured concert with rhythm section.

Adam Rapa performs in the Wednesday night jazz concert

On Thursday, January 17, Jason Dovel gave a warm-up class and presented the master class, “Trumpet Intonation: Facts, Myths, and Strategies for Playing in Tune.” In the afternoon, Adam Rapa taught the final part of his master class series on fundamentals. That was followed by a master class of Yturvides Vilchez, a trumpet player from Venezuela who lives in Puerto Rico.

Jason Dovel performs Multiphonics Etude

 The SPTA closing concert was held on Thursday evening.  The winners of the SPTA Trumpet Competition played Vivaldi´s Concerto for Two Trumpets arranged for trumpet ensemble and conducted by Van Fleet. Jason Dovel conducted a student trumpet ensemble in a performance of his original composition “Trumpet Flourish.” Dovel then performed his original composition, Multiphonics Etude. DeGoti conducted a performance of March from Second Suite in F by Holst as well as Bridge Over Trouble Water featuring Yturvides Vilchez. The final performer on the closing concert was Adam Rapa, who performed two pieces with OzBrass band.

SPTA faculty with a partial group of students from the academy

(Source: Bruno Garcia)

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