Stiletto Brass Quintet at Union College

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the Bulldog Band and Cultural Events Committee of Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky presented a free concert from the internationally renowned Stiletto Brass Quintet.

The concert served as the appetizer to 40-minute master class sessions in which Nicole Abissi, trombone; Velvet Brown, tuba; Misty Tolle, horn; and trumpets Amy Gilreath and guest Vince DiMartino worked with Union College students and local high school musicians.

Nicole Abissi presents a trombone master class

More than 100 students from six southeast Kentucky high schools attended the two-hour event which culminated in a combined open rehearsal where the high school guests sat in with the Union College Band and received feedback from the members of The Stiletto Brass Quintet on four pieces the combined ensembles read.

The concert was held in Union’s Rector Little Theatre which was in the early production stages of an upcoming play. This made The Stiletto Brass Quintet appear as if playing in an unfinished kitchen. The effect just added to the informal intimacy of their awe-inspiring performance. After their encore, the audience gave the Stiletto Brass Quintet a much-deserved standing ovation. 

Stiletto Brass Quintet

(Source: David McCullough)

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