Italian Trumpet Academy

The Italian Trumpet Academy (ITA) hosted master classes Dec. 15-16, 2017, and January 13, 2018, at Mantova State Conservatory of Music (MN).

The purpose of the ITA is to offer high-quality trumpet instruction and music education.

ITA was founded in Montemesola (TA, Puglia – Italy) by Angelo Cavallo. Montemesola was chosen as the location to start the new Academy for two reasons: first, it was Cavallo’s hometown; second, it offered the possibility to locate the first headquarters of ITA right in Cavallo’s family farmhouse. The farmhouse was big enough to host lessons, practicing sessions and also accommodation to the students.

Brescia's headquarter and students

Due to the constantly increasing demand, ITA moved from Montemesola to Turi (BA, Puglia – Italy). Turi is much easier to reach than Montemesola and is well connected in terms of public transportation. The headquarters is located in the conference room of “Palladium Music”, a local music shop, which not only offers rooms and hospitality, but also instruments and general support to ITA’s teachers and students.

Hesperia Brass Band - Italian Trumpet Academy di Bari

ITA is open to both amatuers and professionals, with the common aim of improving their knowledge and performance ability. Each course includes basic technique explained during frontal lessons, one-to-one lessons and ensemble opportunities. Moreover, students are constantly involved in a wide variety of activities such as Flash Mobs, concerts, tournées, cultural exchanges, master classes with guest teachers, and more.

ITA ensemble

ITA’s Brass Band has already been invited as guest in more than one national concert festivals. ITA’s educational path works not only on chamber music, but also on orchestral and solo repertoire.

2016 was a crucial year for ITA. It represents the turning point of its young history due to the establishment of the partnership with B&S. In 2016 ITA, was noticed by Buffet Crampon who decided to actively invest in ITA’s project, supporting it and thus becoming one of its official partners.

The echoes of ITA’s success reached the very north of Italy, attracting the attention of students coming from Lombardia. As it was before with the first relocation of the main headquarter from Montemesola to Turi, ITA unveiled one more headquarter in Castrezzato (BR, Lombardia – Italy). The new ITA point can be found inside the music shop “Cavalli Musica”, whose role is once again to offer classrooms for lessons, instruments and general support to ITA’s staff and students.

(Source: Angelo Cavallo)

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