American Justin Bland trumpets throughout Europe

American trumpeter Justin Bland recently gave a number of solo performances on modern and period instruments throughout Europe.

Bland moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016, and has since enjoyed a very busy career as a trumpet soloist and principal orchestral trumpeter. This past year, 2017, has been quite an eventful year with a number of signfiicant performances on modern and period instruments.

On August 18, 2017, he performed as solo trumpeter for Telemann's Ouverture-Suite, TWV 55:D7 in Asmundtorp, Sweden as part of Asmundtorp's Music Festival.  On June 25, 2017, he performed Molter's Concerto for 2 Trumpets, MWV 6.31 in Frederiksberg, Denmark, as part of the Midsommerbarok Festival.

Justin Bland

2017 was the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and as such there were a number of performances of J.S. Bach's B Minor Mass. Bland performed B Minor Mass several times in Sweden, Poland, and Denmark. In Denmark, he performed it for Denmark's Queen Margrethe II. He also enjoyed a number of performances of Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Handel's Messiah. One notable highlight was the staged Messiah run at this past summer's Festspillene i Bergen (Bergen International Festival) with the Norwegian group Barokksolistene, where he played "The Trumpet shall Sound" from the balcony.

In additional to several other performances throughout the year with period instrument ensembles, Bland also performed with several modern instrument groups. In some cases, he played on historical trumpet with the modern groups (in Sweden in Mozart's C Minor Mass and Bach's Christmas Oratorio). Other times, he performed on modern trumpet (in Denmark with members of the DR SymfoniOrkestret).

Justin Bland is an American trumpeter who earned a DMA in trumpet performance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his MA in early music performance practices from Case Western and his BM in trumpet performance from the University of Maryland. His primary trumpet teachers include Chris Gekker, Barry Bauguess, Steven Hendrickson, Steven Trinkle, and Justin Emerich. He has studied voice with Delores Zeigler, Ellen Hargis, and Aaron Sheehan. As a graduate assistant, Justin taught courses in ear training and music appreciation, and was a harpsichord tuner.

Justin Bland, Kristina Schjelde Husum, and Oscar Anders Sundqvist at St. Peter's Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

(Source: Justin Bland, Copenhagen, Denmark)

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