Maurice André Festival

The life and career of French trumpeter Maurice André  were celebrated in the second annual Balade Cevenole with Maurice André, which was held from July 8-18, 2017.

The festival began on July 8, 2017, at the Théâtre de la Forge du Charron in Villefort with a 6 pm student concert. The following day, the festival continued with the featured guest ensemble Billi Brass (Gabriele Paggi and Davide Bartoni, trumpets; Gabiele Ricci, horn; Eugenio Renzetti, trombone; Simone Lanzi, tuba). On July 15, the festival continued in Génolhac with Trompettissimo (Nicolas André, José Antonio Benavides, Antonio "Toni" Cambres, Adan Delgado, Antonio Luque, Mario Martos, Francisco José Sanz, Jorge Oliver, Alexandre Tatnel) with Ernesto Chulia (trumpet) and Vicente  Chulia (composer). Trompettissimo's  9 pm recital consisted of a very difficult program, including many original pieces for trumpet (such as Altenburg's Concerto) and transcriptions. One of the most interesting transcriptions was the Romance of Nadir by Bizet. The concert ended with the world premiere of Vicente Chulia's La trumpet is born in the Cévennes for ten trumpets,  dedicated to Maurice André. The festival continued on July 16 at Villefort with the Swiss ensemble, Olivier A. Theurillat Jazz Quartet (Theurillat, trumpet; Gérard Bringolf, piano; Bernard Fedi, bass; Denis Vonlanthen, drums).

Still in Villefort, a trumpet and organ concert was held on July 17th featuring  trumpeters Nicolas André, Ernesto Chulia and Toni Cambres  with organist Christopher Hainsworth.

Trompetissimo at the gravesite of Maurice André (Photo Credit: Michel Laplace)

Oliver Theurillat and Michel Laplace (Photo Credit: Coco Bouron)

The  final day of the festival was held  in  Saint Ambroix  on July 18. At 6 pm, Christiane Polge presented the lecture, "Maurice André: A man, a life" at the Caveau du Vieux Temple.  Afterward, the final concert of the festival was held at a nearby church, with performances by the local band "Les Amis Réunis" and the Jean Sebastian Bach Ensemble.

Plans are underway for a third annual festival to be held in 2018.

Several performances from the festival can be found on YouTube:

Source: Michel Laplace, Marciac

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