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Competitions Entry Form


1. Contestants must be under 25 years of age on February 15, 2000.

2. All entrants must be current members of the International Trumpet Guild (on February 15, 2000).

3. Applicants may not enter the ITG Solo Performance Competition if they have been named a winner in a previous ITG Solo Performance Competition. Applicants may not enter the ITG Solo Performance Competition if they have been named a finalist in two previous ITG Solo Performance Competitions. (Note: Being a winner or finalist in a previous ITG Jazz Improvisation Competition or in an ITG Mock Orchestra Audition Competition does not influence eligibility for entering the ITG Solo Performance Competition.) Applicants are not excluded from applying for an ITG Conference Scholarship.

4. Except for the above restrictions, any person may enter one, two, or three ITG competitions during the same year. (A $10 entry fee must be paid for each entry in each competition; this fee must be submitted in a money order in U.S. currency.)

How to Enter the ITG Solo Performance Competition

1. Contestants must mail an audition tape WITH AN APPLICATION on or before February 15, 2000 to:

2. An entry fee of $10 (payable to International Trumpet Guild) must accompany each audition tape. (Entrants may submit several tapes of different works plus the required work as long as each tape is accompanied by a $10 entry fee.)

3. Absolutely no tapes will be accepted for consideration that are not postmarked on or before February 15, 2000, which are not accompanied by the $10 entry fee, or which arrive after February 25, 2000. (Because of overseas deliveries, ten days have been allowed for the postal service to make the delivery; however, students are advised to mail well before the required postmark date of February 15, 2000 to ensure that their materials arrive before February 25, 2000.)

The Preliminary Competition

The Audition Tape

1. The audition tape must contain two works:

A. Proclamation by Ernest Bloch (Broude Brothers Limited). Piano accompaniment required.

B.A solo of the contestant's choice recorded "live" during a public recital presented not more than one year before February 15, 2000. A public recital is one which the public is welcome to attend. This self-chosen work should be a sonata, concerto, or other major work with piano or orchestra accompaniment; complete works (including all movements of any submitted composition) must be submitted.

2. All tapes must be high quality (professional quality) cassette format, recorded at the normal cassette speed (1-7/8 inches per second). The tapes shall indicate "normal," "CrO2," or "metal" tape biases, and indicate "with" or "without" Dolby or other noise reduction systems. Tapes should not be recorded with "automatic" recording level and must not be enhanced with added reverberation, compressing, or expanding, etc.

3. Piano accompaniment is required unless the work was written for unaccompanied trumpet.

4. No tape editing (splicing) is permitted. To have a fair competition, this prohibition against splicing must be observed by each and every contestant! This observance is a matter of personal honor and professional integrity.

5. No verbal announcements will occur on the tape. The name of the contestant, his/her address, and the titles of the musical works should be written on the cassette itself and on the box that contains the cassette. The tape itself must contain no spoken words unless the musical composition itself requires vocal sounds.

6. Tapes of the finalists will remain the property of ITG, to be housed in the ITG Research Library where they may be circulated. Tapes will not be returned to the contestants.

7. The contestant's birth date must be disclosed in a signed letter accompanying the audition tape. (Use attached form.)


The Final Competition

1.Finalists will be selected and notified by March 15, 2000 and will be expected to perform both the required and their self-chosen work (the pieces on the audition tape) in the final phase of the competition, to be held during the annual ITG Conference.

2.Each finalist should plan to bring his/her own accompanist if possible; but, accompanists will be available if necessary.

3.The conference registration fee will be waived for each finalist.

4.If a finalist cannot be present at the annual conference, an alternate may be selected to compete as a finalist.

5.A monetary prize(s) will be awarded to the winner(s) of the final competition. Prizes are made possible through the generous contributions of Mrs. Cita Widmann and the Karl Kletsch Memorial Fund.


1. Preliminaries: Judging of the audition tapes will be done by three professional trumpeters without knowing any information about the contestants; judging will be based entirely on the performances contained on the audition tapes. The judges' names will be kept secret until after their task is completed. Judges reserve the right not to name finalists in this competition.

2. Finals: (At the ITG Conference) Judging of the live performances in the final competition will be done by three professional trumpeters. The names of the judges of the final competition will not be announced until the final competition itself. Judging will

Questions concerning the competition should be directed to the Competition Chair.

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