Parke Mouthpiece Center to LA Dec 19 98 




The Parke Mouthpiece Center, specializing in component mouthpiece conversions and duplication, has opened a new location in Los Angeles after 15 years in New York. Brass players can test the inventory of rims, cups, and backbores, interchangeably threaded from Bach, Parke, Reeves, Schilke, Warburton, and other brands of mouthpieces. Customers may then purchase the combination without the delay or inconsistencies of a custom made mouthpiece. Parke's new digital scanning technology is used to produce the Parke Personal Models, duplicating any mouthpiece, in any quantity, with a money back guarantee. Contact: Parke Mouthpiece Center, 7625 Hayvenhurst Ave Suite 47, Van Nuys, CA 91406;;; 888-357-2753; fax 818-988-7407.

Bob Malone's Brass Technology, specializing in high end trumpet conversions and customization is colocated with Parke. Malone has recently developed an innovative bore inspection technique using a miniature video camera as a diagnostic tool. Contact: Bob Malone Brass Technology, 7625 Hayvenhurst Ave Suite 47, Van Nuys, CA 91406;; 818-988-8341; fax 818-988-7407.

Source: Parke Mouthpieces