Schilke celebrates 50 years with limited edition B1
October 30, 2005 
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Andrew and Julie Naumann
Andrew and Julie Naumann
Andrew and Julie Naumann
50th Anniversary B1
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Andrew and Julie Naumann

Schilke Music Products write with news of a big anniversary, and a limited edition instrument to celebrate it with. "As Schilke Music turns 50 years of business, the company looks forward to their bright future ahead. Owners Andrew and Julie Naumann (pictured) are breaking ground on a facility expansion that will include more factory floor space as well as space for office personnel. The new building will house some of the new machinery included in the purchase of Hay Manufacturing, which Andrew and Julie acquired in May of 2005. Hay Manufacturing will now be a division of Naumann Trumpets and Brass Manufacturing. Naumann Trumpets (producers of historical trumpets) is a separate business Andrew founded in 1994. Hay Manufacturing produced components for modern brass instruments for many of the brass instrument makers in the United States as well as overseas. Naumann Trumpets will continue to produce and supply these components as well as continue to replicate historical trumpets from the 15th to 18th centuries.

Limited edition Anniversary B1

"Schilke Music Products will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2006 by honoring the legacy of Renold Schilke with a gold plated limited edition hand-engraved model B1 Bb trumpet. The B1 was the preferred Bb model of Mr. Schilke and the basis in design for the other Bb trumpets later developed by the Schilke Company. Schilke will limit the production to 50 instruments of this beautifully designed Anniversary B1 trumpet. The Schilke Company has broken its production number order at 50,001 to 50,050 for the Anniversary B1. Each instrument will be specially numbered from 01 – 50, making each trumpet highly collectable. The Anniversary B1 trumpet is sure to become a collector’s item for any performer.

"Listed as an ML Bore (.460”)/ L bell model (yellow brass), the anniversary B1 will feature a ornate hand engraved bell by artist Jason DuMars, who has created a tasteful design that offers subtle differences from one bell to the next making each instrument unique. There is additional engraving on the mouthpipe receiver and bottom outside main tuning slide tube to commemorate 50 years of trumpet building. Each trumpet is offered with two sets of finger buttons – one gold-plated convex set and one traditional set of mother of pearl.

"Each Anniversary model will feature a new 50th Anniversary stamp on the second valve casing. This stamp will be used to distinguish all instruments produced in 2006. This is a one-time stamping and will not be found on any other Schilke instruments after 2006.

"A limited edition single trumpet case, which includes a rich green interior, will accompany each instrument. Each case is marked with the Schilke 50th Anniversary logo and ships in a plush drawstring bag, with a gold-plated model 17 trumpet mouthpiece also stamped 'R. Schilke' to honor the many distinctive trumpet mouthpiece designs offered by the Schilke Company. A certificate of authenticity will be included with each anniversary model.

For additional information regarding the Anniversary B1 trumpet, please contact an authorized Schilke Instrument dealer. To contact Schilke Music Products, Inc, write to 4520 James Place, Melrose Park, Illinois, USA, call [+1] (708) 343-8858, or you can visit the Schilke Company website.

Schilke Music Products

Source: Schilke Music Products
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