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jun 17
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UNM Trumpet Week

The University of New Mexico (UNM) Guild Trumpet hosted the second annual UNM Trumpet Week, April 8-12, 2018.

jun 07
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Conference Photos Complete!

All the photos taken by the ITG Photography team are now online and available for browsing and purchase. There are almost 2000 photos covering almost ever aspect of the 2018 ITG Conference. Purchasing is easy and inexpensive and it supports ITG!

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In memoriam: Reine Dahlqvist (1945-2014)

ITG is sad to learn that Swedish musicologist Reine Dahlqvist has died.

From Edward Tarr:

The Swedish musicologist Reine Dahlqvist, who was born in Gothenburg on September 2, 1945, died there on October 17, 2014. His research was mainly concerned with the trumpet and its history. As a trumpeter, he was self-taught and played only the piccolo trumpet. He could produce high notes on it, but as far as I know was never a member of any orchestra or ensemble. I have known him ever since my first trip to Sweden in the early 1970s.


Reine’s dissertation – Bidrag till trumpeten och trumpetspelets historia från 1500-talet till mitten av 1800-talet med särskild hänsyn till perioden 1740-1830, two vols. (Gothenborg University 1988) – was a gold mine of information. It fortunately contained a long summary in English so that non-Swedish speakers could also profit from it.


Among his articles, there was an important one on Anton Weidinger: The Keyed Trumpet and Its Greatest Virtuoso, Anton Weidinger (Nashville: The Brass Press 1975) (Brass Research Series No. 1, ISBN 0 914282 13 1). His greatest concern, however, was a re-working of his dissertation. He wanted to publish a new edition in English that would present information new to him since 1988. For decades he was constantly doing research for this project. Since the undersigned was the one who helped put every sentence of his into presentable English, we were constantly in contact. About two years ago, his transmissions of texts ceased, although we were only about one-fifth into the final text.


Reine, who never had a position in any musical institution, subsisted through scholarships. He lived alone in a house that had belonged to his deceased parents. During the last ten or twelve years he worked half-days as a postman. He spent his afternoons in the Gothenborg University library, continuing his research. Several years ago he developed prostate cancer. The treatments seemed to be successful and he was optimistic. Nevertheless, his illness must have got the better of him and he died a lonely death. Two days later, neighbors found him in his house.


The trumpet world is much the poorer without Reine Dahlqvist. We can only hope that somehow the results of his research can be made available to the trumpet world.


Edward H. Tarr, Rheinfelden, Germany

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