Friday, June 18 - 2:00 pm
Master Class: Bill Adam
Gates Concert Hall

ITG President, Stephen Chenette present Bill Adam with the ITG Award of Merit

Joseph Bowman, Reporter

Bill Adam is one of the most esteemed trumpet pedagogues in the last half century. His students are playing and teaching throughout the United States and around the world. His arrival onstage was marked by an extended standing ovation from the large crowd, paying tribute to the master teacher. ITG President Steve Chenette took the opportunity to thank Mr. Adam for his contributions to the trumpet world, and presented him with the 2004 ITG Award of Merit.
Following the presentation, Mr. Adam began to relate to the audience his philosophies on teaching the trumpet. He began with an overview of the acoustics of the trumpet, which is essential, he explained, to an understanding of how to play. Throughout the session, Mr. Adam interjected funny anecdotes and stories that kept the audience chuckling throughout.

Perhaps the main thrust of Mr. Adam’s talk concerned the mental side of playing the trumpet. “If your mind leaves the sound of the horn,” he explained, “obstacles will appear.” He went on to discuss the only reason for missing a note when playing the trumpet. It is that you did not hear the note to begin with. Mr. Adam said he would always play before his students played, so that they could have the pitch in their ear.

Unfortunately, time ran short, and Mr. Adam was unable to work with the students as he had initially planned. But despite this fact, the audience was extremely appreciative of his comments, suggestions, stories, and jokes. The session concluded with another standing ovation as people voiced their appreciation for Mr. Adam, and his lifetime spent teaching and sharing.

Trumpet Prelude:

University of Oklahoma Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Karl Sievers, director

David Amlung, Michael Carey, Kate Clinton, Mikki Gramoll, Max Ignas, Mike Mann, Brandon Schoonmaker, Matt Spaulding
Lacey Redfield, Mark Wilcox

Where or When - Arr. for brass choir by William Adam - Arr. for trumpet ensemble by Rolland Barrett

Trilogy - composed and arranged by Rolland Barrett

University of Oklahoma Student Mikki Gramoll

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